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Baseline Fraschilla P series

Fran Fraschilla

Triangle alignment.

a) P3

5 cross-screens for 3 who cuts to the short corner. 2 ducks in on the weak side, 1 passes to 3, 4 downscreens for 2, 3 passes to 2 for a shot.

Hoop Tactics - Base pinch - 5 and 2 set screens for 3, if 3 uses 5, 4 downscreens for 2 (shown) or optionally 2 backscreens for 4 (see below if 3 uses 2).

See Inbounds - baseline Duke series, 3 across, also Spain high-low.

Can run "floppy" action (single-double) with 1 as the runner and 3-4-5 as screeners.

See Izzo special, Single-double, Bologna, Ashbury (shooter).

If X3 is facing 3, 1 lobs it to the rim. 3 should make eye contact and raise his eyebrows to signal for the lob.

Hoop Tactics - if X3 faces 3 with his back to the inbounds passer, 1 looks to make a lob pass to 3.
Chris Oliver - read the sleepers, automatic reads when the defence makes a mistake, e.g.
- a direct lob pass to a player at the rim (his defender has his back to the ball and there is no help from the top)
- a bounce pass on a backdoor cut (the defender stares at the inbound passer or plays too tight on a high player)
- a bounce pass to a player at the rim (a swim seal from ballside or weakside, the defender does not split their legs)
- a direct pass to the ballside low post
- a direct pass to the weakside corner for a 3-point shot.

Hoop Tactics - if 3 uses 2, 2 uses 5, 1 looks for 3 and 2, 4 downscreens for 3, or 3 backscreens for 4.

See Argentina, Screen-the-screener.

b) P3 Again

Fraschilla calls all of his counters "again", so if they run "fist" and next time he calls "fist again," the other team thinks they are running the same thing but they run the counter

3 rejects 5's screen, a good play with one second on the clock because teams will usually switch all screens late in games.

See Inbounds - sideline Fraschilla.

c) P Quick

Used if X1 is under the basket, 1 passes to 5 and runs inbounds, 5 seals X1 and passes to 1 for a shot.

Hoop Tactics - if X1 plays to the inside, 1 has the option of making a quick pass to 5 then stepping inbounds for a return pass.
Chris Oliver - the inbounder reads how their defender is positioned and uses audibles,
- if the defender is on the ball or the post, run a play that attacks the basket (run the primary action to low weakside)
- if he is under the basket, run a play that attacks out (primary action to the ballside wing).

d) P2 Under

2 runs under 5 to the corner, 3 backscreens for 4 who cuts to the basket. 5 screens for 3 who cuts to the short corner.

e) Against zone

2 and 3 cut to the corners, 5 screens the middle zone defender, 4 cuts to the hole in the zone.

See Stack 3, Jayhawk, Corners, Gretzky.

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