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Sideline Fraschilla

Fran Fraschilla

a) Need a 3

Two seconds, need a 3-point shot. 2 downscreens for 3, 5 cross-screens for 2, 4 flarescreens for 3, 1 looks for 2 or 3.

(Option - with more time on the clock, 5 can break back to the ball for the inbounds pass and pass to 3 coming off the flare)

See Inbounds - sideline Fratello 3 box, 52 skip, St. Francis (triangle special), Winner.

b) Corner - "5-1-4-2"

5-1-4-2 stack with the ball in the corner, 2 curls around the stack, 4 curls after 2, 5 screens for 1, who cuts into the paint then back off the screen, 5 second cuts to the basket.

c) Corner - "5-1-4-2 Again"

Fraschilla calls all of his counters "again", so if they run "fist" one time, next time he calls "fist again", the other team thinks they are running the same thing but they run the counter.

5-1-4-2 stack, 2 curls around the stack, 1 steps towards the basket, 5 and 4 set an elevator screen for 1, 5 second cuts to the basket.

See Inbounds - sideline Line.up

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