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Baseline Corners (zone)


These are simple end-out options that use the corners against zone defence. A common tactic is to have the best perimeter shooter in or cut to the weakside corner, forcing a defender to flatten out or give up an easy pass, and leading to more openings inside. Another player fills to the weakside of the basket, forcing the low weakside defender to go out to the corner and open up the inside, or stay inside and give up a 3-point shot if the weakside high defender doesn't cover the corner.

3 breaks to the ballside corner, 2 (the best shooter) takes one step up the lane then breaks to the weakside corner. 5 cuts diagonally through the zone to basket level, trying to get inside the weakside low defender. As soon as 5 starts to cut through, 4 (the best shooting big) cuts across the lane looking for a soft spot in the zone (and usually gets a jump shot the first time this is run). If no one is open, 3 moves back up the sideline for a release pass. 1 looks for
- 2 if 5 is covered by the low weakside defender
- a bounce pass to 5 if the low weakside defender stays wide
- 4 coming across the lane (if the ballside low defender closes out on a pass to 4, 1 can get open by stepping inbounds quickly)
- 3 wide.

Screening against zones can be effective, but it requires great timing, and that means extra practice time. Keep it simple, especially if putting in zone end-outs at the end of the season.
See Inbounds - Baseline Gretzky, Fraschilla P series (against zone).

For end-outs that be used against man or zone defence, see Line, Lob to 5, and Stack 3.


This is the same corner action starting from a double stack instead of a box set.

In this variation, 5 cuts ballside down the lane trying to draw together the middle and low ballside defenders, and 4 cuts weakside down the lane trying to get inside the low weakside defender.


The players switch sides to start, 2 cuts to the weakside corner, 3 begins his cut when 2 gets halfway across the lane, and goes under 2. 5 starts his cut at the same time as 2, trying to get inside position on the low ballside defender (5 may be open at the weakside elbow if the high weakside defender goes out to the corner with 2). 4 cuts right behind 5, trying to get inside position on the low weakside defender.


This is the same crossing action with all players starting behind the 3-point line (optionally 5 cuts after 4, not before, looking for an opening in the middle).

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