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Horns 23 stagger

See Offence - Tubby Smith 40 series (41).

1 passes to 2, UCLA or shuffle cuts using 5.
1 can bump and fade if X1 goes ballside of the screen, 5 readjusts the screen with a drop step.

Hubie Brown triangle attack - 4 pins down for 3 when he sees a bump.

Entry variations

- for a 4-out 1-in set, see Offence - Barker triangle
- against pressure, see Offences - Bill Self high-low motion, Arizona 1-4, Seth Greenberg slice, and UCLA.

5 ballscreens for 2, 3 and 4 stagger screen for 1 then 3 clears to the corner, 4 goes to the low post. 1 and 2 should come off screens at the same time.

Tubby Smith 40 series - everything ends with a weakside stagger.

North Carolina fast break - any time they have a two-man game on one side they have a stagger on the other side, a big guy is the second screener, defenders are less likely to switch.

Bamberg fist set - 5 rolls and downscreens for 1, if 1 uses the single screen then 3 pops out to the weakside wing.

Also see Izzo quick strikes (thumb down series), Kelbick 1-4 high and Horns 23 high-post rub (3 changes sides).

Against a team that traps the ballscreen, or to avoid a left-hand ballscreen, 5 can step out for a pass from 2 (see Horns 23 Raptors).

Izzo quick strikes (thumb up curl) - 5 pops out for a pass, 4 screens for 3 to curl tight, then screens for 1.

Horns 23 Florida - if 1 cuts to the ballside corner, 5 slips a ballscreen for 2.

Progression - 2 passes to 5 and downscreens for 1 (single-double), if 1 uses the single screen, 3 uses 4 (shown, see Barker triangle), or 2 uses the stagger.

Lute Olson - set backscreens, they are tougher to defend than downscreens.

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