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Arizona 1-4

Lute Olson

A 1-4 high set clears out the basket area and gives lots of options.

Against outside pressure, inside pass. Regardless of the play call, they do the same thing on a pass to the high post. 1 passes to 5, 2 backcuts, 4 goes down and screens for 2, 1 goes wide to the ballside wing.

5 drop steps and looks to pass to 2 on the backcut, or in the corner and then 2 looks inside to 4.

Against pressure, 5 can cross-screen for 4 to get open.

1 goes almost to the deep corner, 5 takes two dribbles towards 3 looking for a hand-off, he can fake it and go inside or pass to 2. If 5 rolls, 4 replaces (if 5 can't shoot, roll him). On a pass inside to 4, 5 would attack the rim.

On a shot, 4 makes the drop-step move he would make on a pass, don't forward pivot and get sealed by the defender.

Dribble chase

If there is a lot of pressure on 1 or the high-post pass, 1 dribble chases 2 (or 3), who loops to the top. If 1 passes to 2, run the offence; on a pass to 5, 1 backcuts, exchanging roles with 2 (1, 2, and 3 have to know all positions).


Shot for 2

1 chases 2, who screens for 3 at the split line, 3 posts, 2 cuts up using 4 and 5, who can double screen (above the foul line), stagger screen, or double screen with a gap and then close the gap (shown). 2 flares if X2 goes ballside of 5.

Or 2 screens then drop steps to post, 4 and 5 stagger screen for 3. 1 would slide to the corner on a pass to 2. If X3 tries to go over the top of 5, 3 backcuts; if X3 goes under 5, 3 pops out.

UCLA series

1 passes to 3 and cuts inside or outside using 4, empties out if he doesn't get the ball in the block area, 2 downscreens for 1 then flares, 5 also screens then rolls. 4 ballscreens for 3 then pops (the most difficult coverage).

Push option - 1 passes to 3, pushes 4 down, then pops out for a pass.

Dribble chase - 1 loops 3 to the top, run UCLA on a pass to 3, who would pass to 2 on the other side. If 2 is denied, he brings his defender outside the arc, 3 passes to 5.

Use the backboard on an angle shot, with extra backspin.


1 chases 2, a good jumper.

On ball reversal to 3, 4 slides down, 5 backscreens for a lob pass to 2, 1 must stay above the foul-line extended. 2 keeps going to the ballside corner if there is no pass.

5 ballscreens for 3 (pick and pop).

For post players

1 chases 3, 2 gets to the split line and sets the first screen for 5, 3 gets to the block and sets the second screen. They want 5 to go low, then if X5 plays him high side, ride him higher for a pass from 1. If X5 plays him low side, the best pass is a high-low from 4. If X5 goes ballside of the screen look for a lob pass.

Pick and roll

5 is squared up to the ball, 1 can go either way. If he goes left, 4 clears that side. If X3 helps, 3 slides up. If X4 helps, bounce pass, his defender's hands are up. 5 pops if a shooter.

Can do this with 1, 2, or 3.

1-4 low

Thumbs down, take advantage of a poor defender or one in foul trouble. As 1 drives, 2 and 3 come up foul-line extended to spread the defence.

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