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Fast break
3-line break

Mike Odems

1 dribbles and passes to 2 for a layup, follows his pass to the outlet position.

(Option - 2 penetrates baseline or middle and kicks to 1 or 3 who space properly.

Tim Springer - 3-man rush - players start at halfcourt, 1 dribbles and passes for a score. Progressions
- players start on the baseline, 1 dribbles out to halfcourt and back, 2 and 3 sprint out and back
- for 3 on 3, add three defenders who come out from the baseline when the attackers reach halfcourt.

2 keeps going, 3 rebounds and passes to 1, all players go off, change lines, the next group goes.

Bill Pangos - Halfcourt 3-player weave - 4 passes to 5 and goes behind to the outlet position, 5 passes to 6 for a layup, 5 rebounds and outlets to 1 (variation - 4 rebounds, 5 keeps going to the outlet spot).

Coach Mac - weave layups - one ball, two passes to a layup, 4 rebounds, the shooter keeps going, the last passer gets the outlet pass, passes to the next group.

See Fast break - Nash cutting, Tar Heels 3 on 0, Tennessee point-guard push, Passing - 3-man weave to centre, 3-man weave.

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