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Tip drill


One line of players on each side of the basket, the first player in each line has a ball. 1 tosses the ball off the backboard and goes to the back of the line. 5 does the same on the other side.


2 jumps and tips the ball off the backboard while in the air and goes to the back of the line, 3 goes next, continue. The other line of players does the same.
Ian MacKinnon - one line at each basket, the player who starts has to tip it in on his next turn, a new player starts, continue until all players have scored from both sides.


- two teams, which can keep it going longest, or make X tips first
- whoever lets the ball hit the floor is out, last player wins
- players on the right tip with their right hand, players on the left with their left hand
- players can catch the ball in the air, land with arms straight keeping it high, and go back up to toss it off the backboard to the next player
- players are lined up above the foul line
- players must run around a cone on the far foul line after their tip
- one group at each basket, run to the other end after tipping.
See Rebounding - Kevin O'Neill tip drill, Transition - Wake board and go.

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