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Petitgoue shell

Jerry Petitgoue

4 on 4 shell, a must-do 10 minutes every practice. For a complete Petitgoue defensive practice, start with

- on-ball stance - see Nash wave drill
- 1 on 1 - see Nash 1 on 1
- close-outs - see Petitgoue closeouts, Dick Bennett 3 on 3 close-out
- box outs - see Tauer pivot and pass
- converting - see Petitgoue conversion.

See Defence - Petitgoue youth.

a) Position drill

Attackers pass the ball around the horn (including skip passes), defenders jump to the ball into on-ball and help positions (on the ball, high hands then down, channel to the middle).

See Defending - Tar Heels shell, Memphis shell.

b) Cut through

On any guard-to-wing pass, the passer cuts through (and is replaced), pass to the cutter for a layup if his defender doesn't jump to the ball. Reverse the ball, repeat.

See Defending - Memphis shell, Wootten Fogler, also Procopio 3 on 3 shrink.

c) Dig, dig, dig

Add a coach in the paint, simulate the ball going into the post, on a pass to coach, all four defenders have to touch the ball, coach kicks it back out, defenders close out, attackers can shoot or make at least one pass before going back into the post. Defenders run two laps on a made shot by the offence.

Against a shooter, take one step toward the post, don't dig.

See Defending - Jack Bennett 3 on 3 close-out, Fratello dig and close-out, Pistons innings.up

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