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Tauer pivot and pass

John Tauer

Coach shoots for attacker 1 and defender 2, whoever gets the rebound on a make or miss must catch, chin the ball, pivot, and pass to outlet player 6 (the rebounder can dribble), the other player can try to steal the ball and make the outlet pass.

The player making an outlet pass to 6 replaces him, the other player stays as the defensive rebounder on the next shot, 4 is the next offensive rebounder.

Here 1 gets the rebound and outlets to 6.

The defensive rebounder should find the offensive rebounder, hit him, and get the ball, don't let him get a running start, see Rebounding - Tauer 1 on 1 box-out.

Option - no out of bounds.

Variation - to work on technique, the same two players go five straight times.
Jerry Petitgoue - Box out 1 on 1 - one ball, coach shoots, whoever rebounds outlets to another coach on the other wing, rotate offence-defence-off. Defensively, locate your man, put an arm on him, pivot, keep him off the boards, go get the ball, pivot outside, outlet. Progressions - 2 on 2, 3 on 3.

See Rebounding - 2 on 1, UConn, Team, 3 on 3 Continuous.

Coach shoots next for 4 and 2, who stays on.

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