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1 on 1
Inside the 3

Buzz Williams
New Heights Coaches Academy 2009

Two players start under the basket, defender X1 dribbles to any spot inside the 3-point line, puts the ball down, attacker O1 runs out to pick it up, go live 1 on 1.

Variation - the defender has to put the ball down in the paint.
Tom McConnell (5star) - X1 dribbles out to any spot within 22 feet of the basket, puts the ball down, gets into defensive stance, 1 follows, picks up the ball, goes 1-on-1 to a stop or score, limit of 3 dribbles, keep possession if fouled, play to 11 baskets.

Bob Hurley - 1 on 1 tight - the attacker starts with the ball in the jump circle, the defender is tight on him with his heels no lower than the foul line.
See 1 on 1 - Spin-outs, Box drill.


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