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1 on 1
Box drill


Hubie Brown (5Star)
1 rolls the ball diagonally to the elbow, follows, gets behind and picks it up facing the basket in triple threat. 2 crosses the lane then goes diagonally, puts his hand on 1's hip, they go 1-on-1, limit of 3 dribbles for the attacker, both players can rebound a miss, play to a score.
Jay Wright - 1 rolls the ball to the 3-point line, jump stops facing away, pivots to square up, one-dribble limit, 2 slides across the lane then closes out.



- the ball is placed on the floor at the 3-point line, not rolled out
- 1 can attack immediately on getting the ball.
Xavier - Bama 1-on-1 - coach is under the basket with a ball, players start on the blocks, when coach slaps the ball attacker 1 cuts to the opposite wing, 2 cuts to the opposite block then closes out, coach can pass to 1 at any time.
See 1 on 1 - Spin-outs, Defending - DeMatha wildcat.

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