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Splitline closeouts

That's a Foul, June 2002

Coach passes to coach, defenders in help positions on the midline closeout to their players (on-ball defence).

On a return pass, defenders jump to the ball and sprint back to their help positions.
See Defending - Chair closeouts.

Lloyd Mitchell (Greenvale)

Players are paired up and face coach behind the baseline, players on the sideline have a ball, defenders are on the splitline. On "stance", defenders pitter-patter on the spot, on "ball" they sprint to close out on their man. Continue then players switch roles.

(Variation - coach is at halfcourt)

Progression - attackers can dribble baseline or middle, defenders must drop step and slide to take away penetration for at least two slides.

Use close-outs instead of laps or suicides as a penalty in practice, players start on the baseline, sprint to a foul-line close-out, then sprint back to a baseline close-out.

Ray Lokar

Attackers line up inbounds along both sidelines, with defenders, two coaches in the guard spots pass back and forth, defenders move from denial to help-side defence, if coach passes to an outside line, help-side defence gets to the splitline [deny defenders close out]. Repeat, then switch offence to defence.
- coaches can skip pass to an outside line
- use two coaches on the wings too.

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