Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

1 on 1


Twp groups of players on the baseline, each with a number. Coach puts a ball on the floor at the top of the circle, calls a number, first player to the ball in that pair attacks, the other defends.


- coach can drop or roll the ball on the court, whoever gets it attacks
- the defender can counterattack the far basket on a steal or defensive rebound.
Jr. NBA - 1 on 1 numbers game - each player has a different number, coach throws out a ball, calls two numbers, first player to the ball is on offence, one shot. Progressions
- 2 on 2 numbers- each team (pair) has a number, coach calls two numbers, one shot


- ball at centre, both players have to use a defensive slide to get the ball, the player who gets it attacks the far basket, the other player defends.

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