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FIBA Assist, issue 32

Halfcourt 3 on 3, plus a substitute for each team. Major rules are:

- the game starts with a jump ball at the free-throw circle, one team facing the basket, the team getting control can shoot immediately
- then use alternating possession on jump-ball situations
- 14-second shot clock
- play 3 periods of 5 minutes each unless one team first scores 33 points or more to win
- after a made free throw or field goal, the non-scoring team must inbounds the ball, get it behind the 3-point line (pass or dribble), then another attacker must touch the ball before a shot can be taken (shown)
- after a missed field goal or free throw, the attacking team can rebound and score, the defending team must get the ball behind the arc and have another player touch it
- after a steal or turnover, dribble or pass the ball behind the arc, another player must touch it
- throw-ins are taken arc-extended on a sideline
- no time-outs.

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