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1 on 1
Halfcourt and back



X1 defends O1 to the centre line using proper defensive stance and footwork. O1 will zig-zag but not until X1 gets his chest in front of the dribbler. At times O1 can try to turn the corner and force X1 to get out of his stance and run to get ahead of the ball.


At halfcourt O1 gives the ball to X1, go 1 on 1 live to a stop or score.

- limit X1's dribbles so he must attack
- X1 must dribble between the elbows to score.
See 1 on 1 - Halfcourt containment, Combo, Ryan Goodson (from halfcourt).
Ray Lokar - Zig-zag to half - dribble against a defender in the backcourt using a variety of moves, then play live 1 on 1 in the frontcourt.
See Defending - DeMatha zig-zag, 1 on 1 - Spurs fullcourt.

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