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Tyler Relph challenges

Tyler Relph

Individual and partner shooting challenges.

a) Elite shooting
b) Chase drill
c) 5-spot shooting
d) Curry make 7
e) Makes in a row
f) Fullcourt 15
g) Shooting ladder
h) 42-point drill
i) Two-man shooting.

a) Elite shooting (YouTube link)

A shooting drill you can do by yourself. There are 5 different shots, you want to go 4 for 5:

- on the right side, spin a pass for an elbow curl, catch and shoot with outside-inside-outside footwork (shown)
- repeat on the left side
- from outside the top of the key, go between the legs, exchange (hesi), lift, step into a shot (through push to a freeze pull-up)
- right corner 3-point shot
- left corner 3.

Make two free throws, repeat for 4-5 sets.

See Shooting - Altizer challenge.

b) Chase drill

Use a passer, who always passes away from the shooter, the pass must bounce once, the shooter runs to catch and shoot with outside-inside-outside footwork. Continue going back and forth.

See Shooting - One bounce.

c) 5-spot

5 different shots, 6 reps each (30 shots total), the goal is to go 5 for 6 at each spot,

- from the break on the right side, cut to the corner (repeat for 6 shots)
- cut from the break up to the slot
- from outside the top of the key, come down like in transition
- on the left side, break and up to the slot, then break and down to the corner.
His footwork on the move is inside-outside, hop off two (bunny hop), catch.

d) Curry make 7

The goal is to make 7 different shots, start over if you miss two in a row. The shots are

- scissors quickly 3 times between the legs left to right, pick up and shoot
- spot-up 3
- back up a bit, step-in 3 (off the dribble)
- one-dribble pull-up left, right
- step-back left, right.

See Shooting - Steph Curry challenge.

e) Makes in a row

See how many 3s can you make in a row, 3 chances (go 3 times).
(Option - total makes in a row, not the highest round, see Two-man shooting.)

See Shooting - Eastman in a rows, 3 in a row.up

f) Fullcourt 15

Fullcourt shooting, 15 total makes (5-4-3-2-1),

- make 5 shots from corner #1
- make 4 shots from corner #2
- make 3 shots from corner #3
- make 2 shots from corner #4
- make 1 shot from the middle (spot #5).

The goal is to go 15 for 19.

(Variation - spots #2 and #4 are on the wings, for star shooting)
See Progression 3-point shooting for another progressive in-a-rows drill.

See Shooting - Tony Watson series (Star drill), Star.up

g) Shooting ladder

10 minutes, 5 spots

- make 1 in a row at each spot
- make 2 in a row
- make 3 in a row
- make 4 in a row
- make 5 in a row.

Use two balls with a passer and rebounder.

See Shooting - NBA challenges (In a rows).up

h) 42-point drill

Compete with a partner. 7 spots, from each spot take

- a 3-point shot worth 3 points,
- a one-dribble pull-up for 2 points,
- a layup for 1 point.

Maximum score 42 points.

See Shooting - 32, NBA challenges (37 point thriller), also Tony Watson series (25 makes), Pro Training solo (2-minute challenge, 6-shot series).up

i) Two-man shooting

Partner shooting, 5 spots, 3 chances at each spot, compete for total makes in a row at each spot.

Start with a make, see how many shots can you make in a row, switch with partner, each player goes 3 times, whoever has the highest total score wins the spot, move to the next spot.
(Variation - go 3 times then switch with partner.)

See Shooting - Eastman in a rows, Villanova 20, John Townsend (2 and out).up

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