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Sackmann pull-ups

DJ Sackmann

See YouTube video - 10-minute shooting workout.
f) One-dribble 1-2 pull-up

Emphasis on pull-up jump shots. Two players can compete for time or makes using both baskets (e.g. first to 10).

a) Quick-turn shots

Facing coach, catch a pass, quick turn 90 degrees left then right, shoot.

Continue, then turn right-left.

See Shooting - 90s, Dave Love, Steph Curry.up

b) Quick turn pull-ups

Catch, quick turn 90 degrees left, then turn right to a split catch position (left foot ahead), cross-step with the right foot into a 1-2 pull-up jump shot.

Continue, then turn right-left to a split stance with the right foot ahead, cross-step with the left into a pull-up.

See Shooting - Drop series, YouTube playlist - Drop move (split catch).up

c) Shimmy pull-ups

On the right wing, catch, quick turn left-right to a split stance, shift weight left then right (it's not just a body-jab right), into a 1-2 pull-up.

Continue, switch sides, quick turn right-left, shift weight right-left into a pull-up.

See YouTube videos:
a) Advanced shimmy move - shimmy out of a split catch, progressions - push crossover, shimmy off a low crossover or step-thru between the legs (the ball hangs).
b) Jordan Delp split catch series - fake jab, rocker step (use ball fakes and weight shifts in a split stance, instead of a jab step).up

d) Punch drag

Start facing away from the basket, when coach says "pass", open up (hop pivot) to the inside into a split catch (inside foot ahead, both feet at the same time, there's no pivot foot), two dribbles into a punch drag shot (two steps, foot replacement).

Continue, switch sides.

See Shooting - Multi-stop challenge, YouTube playlist - Punch-dribble moves.up

e) Momentum catch

Start at the middle cone, curl around the outside cone, coach passes right at the cone (either foot could be down), into a one-dribble pull-up.

If coaches passes to the outside hand, put it down with that hand, if he passes to the inside hand, push it out with that hand, get to space and shoot. It's a momentum catch, run through the ball.
Continue, switch sides.
See Stampede Catch (alternate sides), Inside Hand Dribble Release (two dribbles, with motion steps).
(Under FIBA rules as of 2017, player 1 has to release the ball to start his dribble before his second step. If he catches the ball with one foot touching the floor that is the gather step, the next step is the first step; if he catches the ball in the air, the foot that lands on the floor is the first step. See Library - FIBA Travel Rule.)

See Shooting - Sackmann DHO, 5-spot series.up

f) One-dribble 1-2 pull-ups

Shuffle (side step) behind the outside cone for a pass, catch with split feet into a one-dribble 1-2 pull-up, go with the momentum of the pass.

Backpedal behind the outside cone, slide to the middle cone, go with the pass into a pull-up going left.

Backpedal to the middle cone, slide behind the other outside cone, catch and go into a pull-up.

Continue, the next pull-up will be going to the right from behind the middle cone.

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