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Drop series
A drop is the act of splitting your feet and dropping into an explosive driving position, with the dribble (outside) foot forward.
1) Split catch - attack a close-out
2) Drop moves - start a dribble attack
3) Hip swivel move - triple threat or live dribble
4) Protection dribble - crab, retreat
A split stance can also be used to be explosive when cutting without the ball (see Sprint through shooting).

1) Split catch

Catch with split feet to attack a close-out, the pushing foot is back, attack with a back-foot cross-step drive, finish with a pull-up, stepback, stop-separation move, etc.


- attack the opposite way, cross-step with the front foot (see Split stance series, The drop)
- from a split stance, step up or step back, shoot
- use ball fakes (shimmy) in a split stance (Split stance series)
- lift from a corner, catch with split feet to attack (Angled pull-up).
See Shooting - Thrive3 footwork (Stride-stop pull-up), Angled pull-up, Multi-stop challenge, Beat the closeout.

Doc Scheppler - Why the hop is the secret - attack the closeout, if the defender is running out, react with your feet, split and sprint, catch and land with split feet, the pushing foot is back, crossover drive.

Coach Nick - Split and go - triple threat is dead, you want to attack on the catch, catch to shoot (use the hop) or split to go.

Thomas Soltau - The drop  - land in a wide stance, pull the ball towards your back leg into a protected position. On a closeout towards the ball, rip under (if smaller) or swing over (if taller) and attack the opposite way; on a closeout not towards the ball, take that side and attack. Shoot if there is a slow or no closeout, keep the ball in the protected position, kick off with the opposite-side leg.up

2) Drop moves

From an open stance (triple threat, or live dribble), pocket dribble and split feet to land in a wide drop stance, ballside foot forward, attack with a cross-step drive into a pull-up, step-back etc.
Variation - catch in an open stance, take one dribble and drop into a split stance while pulling the ball to the pocket, see Stop separation series.
- push crossover (Easiest way to get by your defender)
- drag pullback (How to drop)
- between the legs - step thru, scissor thru (Drop thru vs. drop split).
Coach Marcus - How to drop - there are four options on a drop move - drop and go, cross, shoot (step up), or pullback.
Other set-up options into a drop stance include
- turn (push-out) dribble (Pocket vs. turn dribble)
- double move (Pro scoring progression)
- lateral bound (Lateral bound vs. bounce-off)
- drag pullback (Paul George crossover)
- speed-stop exchange (Speed stops & pocket dribbles).

Drop variations

- inverted drop - ballside foot is back, push crossover (Inverted drop)
- drop pivot - no space to step forward, drop the inside foot, attack (Drop pivots)
- inverted drop pivot - drop the ballside foot, go between the legs (Inverted drop pivot thru).

3) Hip switch (swivel)

A hip switch is used to go from a closed stance to a drop stance. Under defensive pressure in a triple-threat or live ball situation, cross-step to a closed stance (protect the ball), pocket dribble off the back foot and swivel the feet into a drop stance, attack downhill. The counter is a crossover.

See YouTube videos - Hip swivel moves, Bradley Beal hip swivel, 4 cross-step moves, Attack moves off the catch.up

A hip swivel can also be used in transition, attack the basket using a rhythm dribble, when the ball and inside foot hit at the same time, hip switch to a drop position, attack downhill.

Progression - hip switch, push crossover counter.

Option - start an attack dribble from a split stance, using a drop, inverted drop, drop pivot, or inverted drop pivot.

Other moves that can be used to land in a blow-by (drop) position include a scissor between-the-legs, and a skip hesitation.

Collin Castellaw - 5-minute shooting workout - hip switch pull-ups - attack dribble with the outside hand, once the inside foot is at the 3-point line, hip switch, attack into a one-dribble pull-up.

Augie Johnston - Hip swivel moves - a load-up move is a  skip hesitation into a blow-by position (drop stance). Out of a triple-threat or live-dribble closed stance, pound dribble into the pocket, swivel the hips into the load-up position. Counter - crossover.

See YouTube videos - John Wall scissor step (with crazy Zach LaVine dunks), 3 killer freeze moves, Carmelo Anthony hip rotation (with a drill).up

4) Protection dribble

a) Crab dribble

From a closed-stance crab dribble, hip swivel, attack.

b) Retreat dribble

Retreat dribble, hip swivel, attack.

Counter - hip swivel, crossover.
Augie Johnston - 4 moves to protect the ball - attack an elbow from the top of the key, retreat dribble back, hip switch, attack the elbow again, continue, switch elbows.

See YouTube videos - Hip swivel moves, Bounce out.up

5) Ballscreens

From a closed stance under defensive pressure, hip swivel and attack using a ballscreen.

Progression - hip swivel, crossover to reject the screen.

See YouTube videos - Hip rotation ballscreens, How to reject ballscreens, also Cross-step (slow cross-step to closed stance, go), Spin seal (cross-step, spin seal reverse dribble), and Closed-stance playlist

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