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Multi-stop challenge

DJ Sackmann

See YouTube video - Multi-stop challenge.

5 spots (corner, wing, top, wing, corner), to move to the next spot make 4 shots in a row using different types of stops (catch in a split stance),

- speed stop (inside-outside)
- speed-stop exchange (inside-outside, exchange behind the back, foot replacement)
- inverted drag (anchor the inside foot, between the legs, replace)
- punch drag (punch the ball outside the lead foot, replace
- catch in an open stance, take one dribble and drop into a split stance while pulling the ball to the pocket, see Stop separation series (or just start with the ball, see Punch drag breakdown, Inverted drag breakdown)
- spin a pass, catch with split feet
- speed stop, hesitate and blow by (rise up, show shot, push the ball out), see Speed stop
- drag pullbacks (cross, under, behind), see Under drag progression
- lateral bound into a drop stance, see Bounds
- Augie Johnston - through the legs stop on a dime, see Stop separation move.

Reid Ouse - Stop separation series,
- inside-out stop (speed stop) - cross-over step drive forcing your defender to cross-step, if you haven't committed to another step, step in for a shot
- punch drag if committed to another step with the outside foot
- use an inverted drag if your defender is jumpy and immediately crosses his feet (Ouse anchors the back foot, steps back with the inside foot)
- on a hard close-out, split catch to attack and get to a speed stop, punch drag or inverted drag.

A speed stop is the fastest way to stop. Hesitate and go is a counter, punch drag and inverted drag are also counters.

A speed-stop exchange gets separation and protects the ball (see Behind the back), then options include
- split feet and pocket dribble to a drop stance (Speed stops and pocket dribbles)
- elongated stepback (Speed stop exchange part 3)
- touch stepback (Speed stop touch stepback series)
- spin seal move - step thru, reverse dribble to attack (see Spin seal ballscreen series).

Jordan Lawley - Under drag progression,
- left foot forward, catch with the left hand, go under the left leg, foot replacement (hop), shoot, continue, switch feet
- catch in an open stance, turn dribble and step with the ballside foot, drag under, touch stepback (push off the lead foot, replace the inside foot, into a step back)
- catch, one-dribble cross-step drive (two steps), under drag, foot switch (hip swivel), step up and shoot (a hesi pull).

See Augie Johnston - 3 advanced moves for guards - reverse through the legs (under drag) into an extended (touch) stepback.


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