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Courtney Douglass

Courtney Douglass
a) 234 Split catch
c) Lift options

a) 234 Split catch

From the right wing, spin a pass, catch in a split stance (inside foot back), attack with the right hand, make three in a row,

- finish at the rim
- floater (off one or two feet)
- one-dribble pull-up.

Repeat going middle (outside foot back), then move to the left wing, attack baseline then middle.
(Progression - get to a drop stance with one dribble, see below.)

See Shooting - Thrive3 footwork (Stride-stop pull-up), Angled footwork, Ouse drive and kick chaos, Beat the closeout, Multi-stop challenge, Drop series.up

b) Drop pulls

Get to a drop stance with one dribble, sell drive, bring the back foot in, stick it and shoot (a freeze pull).

5 spots, make two from mid-range going right, then left, then one 3 going right then left.

Going right, take one dribble with the right hand, get to a drop (step left right, with the left foot back), bring the left foot in, shoot.

Going left, it's one dribble with the left hand, step right-left-right to shoot.

Tyler Relph - Step-in or Push-thru - there are different ways to get to a drop. As a righty, ball in the left hand, go all weak hand right now. Take one left-hand dribble, lift up (it's a skip hesi off the right foot), go right-left (right foot is back), step into a shot with the right foot (R-L-R). Make 10 from the right elbow then the left elbow, always dribbling with the left hand.
Collin Castellaw - Break ankles with 3 secret keys - drop and whip - drop move, crossover and shoot (or stepback), or cross pullback.
Skylar Diggins-Smith - Hip Switch - closed stance, one-dribble hip switch to a drop stance, step up and shoot.up

c) Lift options (glide hesi)

Go between the legs right to left, hit off the right foot (push to jump off the left foot), step right left to get into it, step up with the right foot to shoot (or take one more dribble and step right-left to shoot).

Counter - crossover and pull or take one more dribble and shoot.
Augie Johnston - 3 shiftiest moves - between the legs glide hesi to Iverson cross (pull-up). See Shooting - Snake pull-ups.

Tyler Relph - thru with a push - go between the legs right to left with a step thru (not a split or scissor), lift up (skip off the left foot), land right-left in a drop, step the right foot in as you pick up the ball to shoot. Make 10 from each elbow.

Augie Johnston - Russell Westbrook moves - turn-out glide hesi pull-up, then between hesi pull, throw cross hesi pull. See Shooting - Angled pull-up (step-back load-up).

Tim Martin - Develop a nasty hesi - turn dribble outside your frame (drop stance), pull, blow by, or cross (read the feet).

(Progression) - lift to a stepback right or a stepback left, see Skills checklist - Shooting (Lift stepback).up

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