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Behind-the-back pull-ups

Collin Castellaw

See YouTube video - 5 shooting drills by yourself.

Start on a wing, spin a pass, catch, wrap the ball around your back going to the outside, into a one-dribble pull-up (an inside-outside 1-2), rebound.

(Variation - start with an inside-out wrap dribble)

See YouTube videos - Ultimate Stephen Curry shooting series Part 2 (wrap stepback), Steph Curry off the dribble shooting workout (in and out wrap 3, stepback, and inverted drag).

Alternate sides, with the baseline hand, dribble out to the 3-point line on the other side, plant the outside foot, go behind the back, front pivot on the inside foot to pick up the ball and shoot.

Rebound and continue.

(Progression - finish with layups, e.g. goofy-foot, reverse, one-hand pickup)

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