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One-hand pickup

DJ Sackmann

See YouTube video - Sackmann 3 finishes.

You have three finishes at the rim - underhand (e.g. defender on your back), overhand (floater or dunk), and side-hand (defender on your hip). A regular layup is a block 90% of the time, learn to get the ball away from your head. Take off from further out to have all three finishes.

The main focus to start is the ability to pick up the ball off the dribble with one hand.

With two cones on the right wing, 1 makes any dribble move (e.g. inside-out, single-double-triple move), picks up a cone with his left hand, drives and finishes with his right hand, holding off a defender with his inside hand. Finish off the inside or outside foot.

2 goes as 1 lays it in, 1 dribbles back with the same hand and puts the first cone back on the wing for next shooter 3.

Continue, switch sides.


- scoop no backboard
- reverse layups
- Steve Nash dribble-through goofy-foot finish
- start from outside the top of the key, go left or right, side-hand finish.
See Drills with Delly - Attacking the Basket,
- running hooks (square to the baseline)
- quick finishes - turn dribble outside (drag the ball), outside hand and foot finish, hold off the defender with the other arm
- thru the legs outside (glide), quick finish on the other side (one-hand pickup)
- behind the back drag outside, dribble under and out (use your eyes), turn and finish, e.g. hook shot, floater, fade, step thru.

See YouTube video - Dribble-through baseline finish.up

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