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Relph cross-jab series

Tyler Relph

1) Cross-jab finishes

See YouTube video - Euro-step, first-step, veer finishes.

The cross-jab is a shift move that creates an angle for a downhill drive or finish. Start out top with the ball in the right hand, dribble release the ball right to left in front of your frame (a drop crossover), load on the left foot and jab right (the ball and body are separating), then step left.

a) First-step finish - as you step across with the left foot, finish with the left hand at the rim.

b) Euro-step finish - if your defender goes with the ball, step left then Euro step over the top back to the right (shown).

c) Veer finish - if your defender goes with the jab, step left then veer step your right foot into him (bumping his frame and not allowing him to jump), jump off the right foot and extend the finish with the left hand (side-arm).
- step downhill with the right foot for a regular layup
- use a dribble-jab instead of a cross-jab (the ball stays in one hand).

See Layups - Euro-step, Shooting - Guard workout (Point-guard finishing), YouTube playlist - Finishing cross-jab series.

2) Kyrie series

See YouTube video - Kyrie handle and finish.

Progressions include starting with a triple move, and using a cross-jab-cross.

a) Kyrie handle

Start out top with the ball in the left hand, make a cross-between-wrap triple move, catch with the right hand, immediately dribble release and make a cross-jab move.

In addition to first-step, Euro-step and veer-step finishes, another option is a separation step - jab right then separate back left, e.g. to a floater (shown).

b) Cross-jab-cross

As you step left on the cross-jab, your defender cuts you off, crossover right and step with the left foot as the ball floats, can go outside-inside footwork (right-left) and finish with the inside hand, or spin away into a jump shot.
Also see Behind the back jab & cross jab cross (a behind-jab or cross-jab can be used).

3) Start on the baseline

See YouTube video - Elite downhill scorer.

Ball in the right hand, make a drop-thru between the legs move, two bounces out to the perimeter, go quick behind the back, one dribble downhill, dribble release right to left and step at your defender with the left foot, jab right, step back left, the finishing moves are
- veer into your defender off the left foot, finish with the left hand (shown)
- Euro-step over the top
- first step floater off the left foot.

See Shooting - Behind the back pull-ups, Drop series.

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