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Run and jump

Canada Basketball Level 3 Manual

Work on two-player rotations. Run and jump is used against teams that dribble the ball up the floor, a defender jumps into the path of a ballhandler dribbling at high speed, the original defender continues to pick up an open player.

See Defence - Run and jump.

a) 2 on 2

1 dribbles towards X2, X1 influences the dribble up the sideline, X2 jumps the dribbler before he can change direction, X1 continues on to pick up 2 (some teams use an audible telling X1 to release, e.g. "go"). The jump is more effective when 1 is out of control, X2 does not have to take more than three or four running strides, and X2 moves toward 1's outside shoulder with hands up, preventing 1 from dribbling to the outside.

(Option - X2 and X1 trap if 1 stops, then X1 jumps on a pass to 2, run and trap becomes a run and jump)

See Pressing - 2 on 2 fullcourt, Patrick Hunt.

b) 4-corner

4 on 4, with attackers at each corner. 1 dribbles towards 4, X4 runs and jumps to keep 1 from getting to the corner, X1 keeps going to take 4, 1 passes to 4.

To continue, 4 dribbles towards 3, X3 runs and jumps, etc.up

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