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Patrick hunt

Patrick Hunt (coachesclipboard.ca)

2 on 2 fullcourt

O1 cannot go higher than the 3-point line for the inbounds pass. On the inbounds pass X2 drops one step below the line of the ball in an open stance, one hand pointing to the ball and one to his man.

Pressure from ballside, help from helpside.

X2 calls switch for a jump switch and comes in when O1 is blind to the defender.

When the ball is in the middle they don't like to jump switch, like to help and recover to slow down the dribbler. X2's feet stay parallel to the line of a pass, he doesn't turn his back on O2.

Don't worry about the backward pass, the 8-second count is in your favour.


3 on 3

1/3, 2/3 rule - a defender two passes away from the ball is 1/3 off his man and 2/3 away from the ball, on the split line.

On a trap, defender 3 can shoot the gap if the backcourt is crowded. 1 rotates out to take O3 (this must be communicated).

If O3 is in the frontcourt then 3 will stay because there is too much distance to cover.

4 on 4 - we run and jump when the head is down, dribbler out of control and/or spin dribble; if in doubt, fake and recover.

5 on 5 - the last player does not become involved in the rotation, he is the goalie

When a trap is set, we have two interceptors and a goalie. Read the eyes and shoulders of the ballhandler in the trap. Keys - no middle dribble, no sideline split dribbles, no foul. Sprint out of all traps.

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