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Free-throw break

Two teams, O1 starts play with one or two free throws, team O presses if the last free throw is made, team X fast breaks on a defensive rebound, play down and back, then team X goes to the line to start play. If team O offensive rebounds a missed free throw, play to a stop or score then down and back.

See Rebounding - 4 on 4 closeout.


- stay at the far basket if team X scores (Todd Schaefer)
- stay at the far basket if team X scores or team O gets a defensive rebound (Greg Kampe, team O attacks on a steal)
- always stay at the far basket if not working on pressing
-  team O always presses, e.g., zone on a make, man on a miss
- shoot until a made free throw.

Ernie Woods - when working on a full-court press or press offence, start with a made free throw.

Hoop Tactics - start with a made free throw by the pressing team (shoot again on a miss), if the defence scores they continue to press, go until the offence scores, reverse roles and set up at the other end, which team can score the most on the press.
Todd Schaefer - players must convert free throws for their team to set up fullcourt defence or halfcourt trap action, the offence must respond to the defensive pressure, play only one possession on an offensive score but allow the defence to convert a stop before the drill is blown dead.
Ian MacKinnon - team O shoots one free throw, live-ball press on a make, dead-ball press on a miss (coach is the referee), play to a stop or score at the other end, team X takes one free throw (on a steal in the frontcourt, keep playing).

Herb Brown - take one free throw then defend on a make or miss (many teams try to run and score on both), use fullcourt and halfcourt presses and different free-throw alignments.

See Pressing - Dead-ball presses, Oakland 5 on 5, Scrimmage - Spurs stops.

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