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Dead-ball presses

Doug Porter

Fullcourt 5 on 5, work on dead-ball presses in a controlled environment. Start play with coach handing the ball to an inbounder on the baseline, the other team presses and can steal the ball and try to score. On any defensive rebound, re-start the drill. (Attack on a steal.)
- dead-ball press on any stop or a score
- 5 possessions each
- see Dean Smith for an option if the ball goes out of bounds.
Dean Smith - Press offence-defence game - 5 on 5, one team starts with the ball behind their baseline, the quarterback of the other team calls the defence, play until one team scores, they take the ball out of bounds, the other team calls a press. When the ball goes out of bounds, the team in possession sets up its press offence at the baseline. A foul counts as a basket for the team fouled. Play to 5-10 baskets.
See Pressing - 3 on 3 on 3 Flavell.
Ian MacKinnon
- 5 on 5 fullcourt, award the defence 2 points for a causing a turnover in their frontcourt and 1 point for a backcourt turnover. If coach calls "score it", the defence allows a basket then inbounds against fullcourt pressure.
- 5 on 6, a team of 5 players inbounds against 6 defenders (with a designated trapper), play to a stop or a score, repeat at the other end, regular scoring for the offence plus 1 point for an offensive rebound, defence scores 1 point for a stop, play to X points, switch offence and defence (option - the defence can score on a frontcourt steal).
See Scrimmage - 5 on 5 halfcourt to 7, Pressing - Free-throw break, Transition - 5 on 4 continuous.

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