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5 on 5 chase

Chris Oliver

Two teams line up in alternating order, the first player has a ball (here X2), he makes a layup at the far basket, other players pursue.

See Pressing - Pasquali.

Team O inbounds against pressure, with a defender on the ball. Trap the inbounds pass, then keep trapping fullcourt until a turnover. Stop if team O scores, or keep playing, two to four trips can be used, the defence presses on each made basket.

Initially, players have a concept of what they are trying to do (games approach), after they run the drill, coach can break it down into roles and responsibilities then run it again, e.g.

- X4 takes away a baseball pass
- X! and X3 are 3/4, up the line with their butts to the middle (3/4 means they want a catch on the inbounds pass so they can trap, "face" means full denial)
- X5 cheats toward the ball
- X1 forces 1 middle, where the trap is coming from
- weakside X3 rotates to take away reversal.
5 on 5 press trips - team O just inbounds to start play, go two trips then switch teams. X4 is the safety covering the deep pass, everyone else face guards, switches everything, and doesn’t look at the ball.

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