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3 on 3 pressing

3 on 3 halfcourt. Team O inbounds and must dribble the ball over the centre line (not pass over it) within 8 seconds. Score one point for attackers if they break the press, otherwise a point for the defenders. If they steal the ball in the frontcourt, defenders can score for another point. Play to 7, then switch.

Defenders try to force an inbounds pass to a weak attacker, then trap. To force to O1, X3 steps back and turns his back in the direction of O2, X2 denies a pass to O2, and X1 takes a step back from O1. X1 and X3 double team O1 while X2 zones.

- attackers can make only lateral or back passes (see 2 on 2 rugby)
- attackers can't dribble, must pass the ball over the centre line (see 3 on 3 fullcourt scrimmage)
- attackers can't inbounds over centre, no other restriction
- 4 on 4 or 5 on 5
- more defenders than attackers
- if they break the press, attackers can score on the far basket for another point
- play fullcourt to a score or dead ball.


With three or more teams,

- if the press works, team X gets a point and presses new attackers coming in from the baseline (point for a stop); if team O breaks the press they press new attackers and team X goes off (shown), or

- team O always presses a new team after attacking, team X goes off after pressing (attack, defend, go off).

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