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2 on 2 rugby

Brian McCormick

Two teams, 2 on 2 fullcourt, stay on the court until you get scored on, then go off and two teammates inbound the ball against fullcourt pressure. Attackers can't pass forward in their backcourt, the ball can be advanced only on the dribble (no restrictions on the frontcourt), defenders fullcourt press (they can't get beat by a pass).

Here 1 and 2 attack X1 and X2, play until one pair scores, then they press two new players from the other team.

A good drill to teach how to press, and more importantly how to break the press.

Progression - 3 on 3 fullcourt, attackers can pass forward in their backcourt, but the ball must be dribbled across halfcourt. Coach can demand a trap on an inbounds pass.
Mads Olesen - works best with four teams of two, play until one team scores five baskets. 3 on 3 hockey rules - the ball must be dribbled across halfcourt, works best with four teams of three.


Each pair is a team, works best with 8 players, play to a score, make-it, take-it against new defenders.


- start play with an inbounds pass
- defenders are allowed (or not) to double team the receiver on the inbounds pass.
Bob Hurley - 3 on 3 hockey - can't pass until the ball crosses halfcourt, get comfortable handling the ball.

See Pressing - 444 pressing.

Variation - 2 on 2 fullcourt cut-throat

Players can stay on for a while with 2 on 2 rugby, so make the drill more cut-throat, with a winner and loser on each possession.

Each pair is a team, team 1 attacks team 2 while team 3 waits to defend. If team 1 scores they keep the ball, come back against team 3, and team 2 stays at the other end; if team 2 gets a stop, they attack team 3 and team 1 stays.
- team 1 inbounds if they score, team 2 presses
- rugby or hockey restrictions can be used in the backcourt.

Here team 2 gets a stop and attacks team 3, if they score they keep the ball, attack team 1, and team 3 goes off; if team 3 stops team 2, they attack team 1 and team 2 goes off.

Team 4 will always come on to defend the next attack coming back.

See Scrimmage - 4 teams, Pistons 3 on 3 continuous, Hurley 4 on 4 on 4.up

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