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3 on 3 Black

Ian MacKinnon

3 on 3 frontcourt pressing, using the front line of a 1-2-2 zone press (Black).

For pressing warm-up, go 1 on 1 on each side of the court, a coach inbounds at each end, nose on the ball, turn the dribbler, then go 2 on 2 on each side (players inbound), work on jumping back to ball level and trap 2-3 times on the sideline.


Two teams (or four teams), start at one end. The team inbounding the ball has to get it across the centre line, the pressing team gets one point if they trap the ball and a point for a turnover. They can trap after the inbounds pass and/or on ball reversal.

(Option - no inbounds pass over the centre line)

When play is over at one end, inbound the ball at the other end.

Alternate the teams on offence and defence, losers run.

See 3 on 3 pressing.


Three teams. Team O inbounds and tries to get the ball across halfcourt, team X presses, gets a point for a turnover and can try to score for a point if they steal the ball.

Once team O gets the ball across halfcourt, team X goes off at the other end, team O gives the ball to team 3, which inbounds, and team O presses.

Team O would then go off and Team 3 press team X inbounding the ball at the other end, the rotation is press break, press, go off.

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