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Baseline Coastal Carolina

Buzz Peterson
American Basketball Quarterly, 2006 Q4

Four baseline inbounds plays that start with the same alignment. 1 inbounds.


On the slap of the ball, 5 rolls out to his left, getting a good angle to stagger screen with 4 for shooter 2, who first fakes a downscreen for 3 then runs off the stagger screen. 3 gets out to the weakside corner.
See Inbounds - Baseline Shaka Smart (3 backscreens for 2 and uses the stagger).
Don Meyer - triple - 3 turns to upscreen for 2, if 2 uses the 4-5 stagger, 3 turns and cuts to the corner; if 2 uses 3's screen, 3 uses the 4-5 stagger screen.
Fran Fraschilla - stagger slips - 3 backscreens for 2, who cuts to the weakside block, 4 and 5 stagger screen for 3, who runs to the ballside corner for a 3-pointer, 4 and 5 slip.

4 dives weakside, 5 dives ballside (flooding the baseline), 3 is the safety, sprinting towards halfcourt if the play is well defended.

See Ashbury, Pop, March Madness, Golden State (rip, double, LA), Stack series (stack regular).up


2 sprints to the weakside corner, 5 rolls out, getting a good angle to screen for 4, who fakes going the opposite direction then uses the screen, going wide to the corner if he can shoot or otherwise to the short corner (shown).
(Variation - 2 can pop out top)

3 backscreens for 5 then dives ballside.

2 is the safety.

See Versoix (option 2), Wootten (box 4), Nash box, Grade 8.up


2 sprints to the weakside corner, 3 backscreens for 4, who sells opposite then comes off the screen to the weakside block area.
(2 can pop out top)

5 rolls out to get a good screening angle for 3, then dives ballside (where he started). 2 is the safety.

See Versoix (option 1), Golden State (weak).
- get into a high-low on a pass to 3, 1 comes in weakside
- 2 pops out top, 5 backscreens for 3 then 2, see Grade 8, Sideline on the run.
Brendan Malone - New York - 2 would be out top as safety, 1 passes to 3 and enters the court, 3 passes to 2, 4 screens for a pass to 1, who can shoot or pass inside to 4.


2 gets to the weakside corner, 5 pops out to the ballside corner, 4 diagonal downscreens for 3 then seals for post position, 3 comes out behind the arc near the ballside elbow area.
- 3 backscreens for 4
- 4 cross-screens for 2.

5 gets the inbounds pass, quickly reverses the ball to 3 and downscreens for 1, 3 looks for 4 then 1.
- 5 can attack middle if 3 is overplayed
- 5 seals and posts on a pass to 1, can ballscreen if there is no play, or get into a high-low.
(Variation) - 4 and 2 double or stagger screen on the weakside, see Ashbury, Single-double.up

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