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Baseline Wootten box

Morgan Wootten

Have a primary play against a man-to-man defence, and one against zone, then when the team executes the primary plays well, add a secondary play against each defence. The priority is ball possession, not to create a shot. Usually let the inbounder call the play. The inbounder is key, taller players can see over the defence. Players must wait for the inbounder to slap the ball, if the defence leaves someone unguarded near the basket, the inbounder just passes it immediately without slapping the ball. Once the ball is inbounded, the inbounder should almost always enter the court on the weakside (opposite his pass) and get to the point to cover the break in case of a turnover or quick shot.
Wootten likes a box formation against a man defence, many plays can be run, using screening and cutting, and be used for end-out or side-out situations. The spacing of the box can be very wide or tight, and frequently the players in the lane are in line with the basket and the outside players are about two steps off the lane.
See Inbounds - Baseline Faucher.

Box 1

5 screens across for 4, who v-cuts to use the screen. After a one-count to stagger the timing, 1 screens for 3. Both screeners come back to the ball.

Box 2

On the hit, 5 upscreens for 1, after a one-count 4 screens for 3, both screeners come back to the ball. The cutters wait for the screens and read the defence to get open.

Box Option

Run Box 2 but 4 and 5 do not come back to the ball, 2 inbounds to 1 in the corner then steps inbounds looking for a return pass (if it isn't there, 2 screens across for 3).

Box 3

5 upscreens for 1, who moves to the corner as 5 comes back to the ball. 3 cuts ballside outside the 3-point line. On an inbounds pass to 1, 4 screens for 2, who looks for a pass from 3, and 4 shapes up for a post feed from 2.
See Even-odd-zero (Odd).

Box 4

5 upscreens for 1, then 4 screens for 5 and comes back to the ball (screen the screener). 3 pops out as a safety receiver, or goes to the weakside corner to stretch the defence along the baseline and give 4 and 5 more room to get open. 2 inbounds and enters opposite.

Timing is critical, 4 must not start across the lane until 5 has completed his screen for 1.

Box Out

The box shifts over so that 5 and 4 are on the blocks, 1 and 3 are on the elbows. On the hit, 5 cuts to the ballside corner, 4 slides across the lane, 3 screens for 1 then pops out looking for a pass over the top and to cover the break defensively.

Box Double

Invert the box with 5 and 4 at the elbows, 1 and 3 at the blocks. 1 pops to the corner for a pass from 2, 4 and 5 double screen for 3 then find open areas. 4 or 5 will flash to the ball if his defender helps on 3. If 1 is denied, 2 looks for 3 over the top and 4 and 5.

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