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Jason Kidd fullcourt

Augie Johnston (YouTube)

Fullcourt dribbling drills, adding layups.

1) Fullcourt dribbling (or halfcourt).

Continuous, up and back.

a) Mike Conley drill

"Footwork" ballhandling, take a step with each dribble,
- crossovers
- between the legs
- front v-dribble, right hand up, left hand back
- side v-dribble, right hand up, left hand back
- inside-out cross
- between-the-legs cross.
(Progression - between-behind, see combo moves to halfcourt and back.)

b) 5 drills to improve your weak hand

- inside-out.

c) Baby ballhandling drill

- between the legs, back under the leg
- behind the back.

d) Ball on a string drill

- crossover shuffle (kick step)
- scissors (jump stop, between the legs)
- behind-the-back shuffle.
e) The Scoring Academy
- between cross, cross between, inside-out cross, inside-out between
- cross between behind, between cross cross, between between behind
- inside-out between wrap, between behind wrap, cross between behind wrap (wrap series).
- Warm-Up Dribbling (pound high, low; v-dribble side, front)
- Intermediate Dribbling (lateral; crossover and step sideways)
- Crossovers into Square-up (thru the legs shuffle sideways, then behind the back).
See Fundamentals - Dribbling series.

2) Fullcourt layups
Start from triple threat.
(Variation - start with a drop move, see Shooting - Drop series)

a) Jason Kidd drill

From the baseline, use 4 right-hand dribbles to a layup at the other end, repeat coming back, then switch hands.


- 3 dribbles from the foul-line extended (shown)
- 2 dribbles from halfcourt
- reverse layups (advanced).

See Dribbling - 5star point-guard push, Layups - DeMatha speed, One dribble, 2-1 dribbles.

b) Jason Kidd drill part 2

From the baseline, one dribble then go through the legs

- at the foul line
- at halfcourt
- at the far foul line.


- two dribbles to halfcourt, through the legs, two more dribbles to finish

- four dribbles to a layup (see above).

See Dribbling - Tony Watson series (Commando), Shooting - Billy Donovan workouts (Dribble moves), Pro Training solo (Fullcourt hotshots).up

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