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1 on 1
Isley halfcourt

Nelson Isley
NCCP Super Clinic 2018

With a 14-second re-set on an offensive rebound, there is not enough time to run a play, need 1 on 1 skills. Don't see 1 on 1 anymore, need it in practice. Drills are good (skill repetition), but need learning activities.


Attacker 1 will

- make two pivots (e.g. space and reverse pivots, sweep the floor)
- jab step, shot fake, jab step
- when coach calls "go", make dribble moves on the spot (e.g. between the legs)
- on a second "go", attack off the dribble against 2, limit of 2-3 dribbles.

3-4 go next, then 5-6.

(Option - use dribble triple-threat moves, e.g., side jab, inside-foot jab-at, dribble-foot front jab, hip swivel)


a) Defenders call "go", three pairs can go at the same time.


1 pivots and fakes (no dribbling), coach calls "change" and gets a pass, 1 and 2 exchange, coach passes to 2, who pivots and fakes then passes to coach, it's live when 1 gets the next pass.

(Option - add dribbling before passing)
See Footwork - Dave Smart first step, Defending - 1 on 1 wing.


2 allows 1 to drive by him, 1 jump stops, pivots, passes to 2 (outside the 3-point line), closes out, 2 attacks live.

See 1 on 1 - Drive and kick.


2 is behind 1 with a ball, both are facing away from the basket, 2 hands the ball to 1's right or left hand, 1 has to front pivot on the foot on that side, ten toes to the rim, do his fakes, then attack on go.

1-3-5 can all go at the same time.

(Variation - reverse pivot to create space)

Progression - 1 passes to coach on "change", coach passes to 2.

See Attack/defend - Pasquali advantage, Shooting - Mike Procopio wing.

4) Two-touch passing

Sometimes it's hard to get something positive on a first catch.

2 denies a pass from the top to 1 in the low post, 1 breaks to the wing for a pass, makes his fakes.

1 passes back to coach, cuts to the no-charge semi-circle, then tries to get open anywhere for a pass (outside, or post up), it's live.


- score without a dribble - 3 points
- score with one dribble - 2 points
- score with 2-3 dribbles - 1 point.
See Attack/defend - 2 on 2 Ontario.up

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