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1 on 1

Peter Lonergan

See YouTube video - 1 v 1 Alba Drill, also Alba Defensive Progressions.

Players 1 and 2 face away from the basket (1 has heels on the 3-point line), 2 hands a ball to 1 around the right side (shown) or left side, 1 must use the foot on that side as the pivot foot (here the right foot, forward or reverse pivot), limit of one pivot.

a) Defend the dribble

Live, attacker 1 has a limit of three dribbles.

The attacker creates time and space using ball and foot fakes, the defender should take away time and space. Hands are up, with one hand above the ball (an "airplane" stance with arms out is no good, it leads to fouls). On a jab step, jump straight back, then recover. Hand checking is a foul.

Keep the ball in front of you, ball-you-basket. Nose on shoulder to shade it outside (not influence it). Avoid a narrow "fencer" stance with one foot high, the attacker will drive by or open up the top foot.

If the attacker drives the defender inside the no-charge circle, "wall up", thumbs behind ears, play without fouls.
See 1 on 1 - Isley halfcourt.

b) Defend from closeout

Players switch roles. After pivoting to square up, 1 passes to coach, sprints to touch the paint, 2 gets outside the 3-point line for a pass from coach, 1 closes out, it's live, 2 is the attacker.

Close out with two hands up, then have one hand above the ball.

Alba Progressions - 1 attacks with one dribble (or two) before passing to coach, and can score a point by getting into the paint.

c) Progression - defend off the ball.

After 1 closes out, 2 passes back to coach, runs to the corner, bounces back out for a pass (or backcuts), it's live.

Alba Progressions - 2 attacks with one or two dribbles before passing to coach.up

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