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Florida triangle build-up

Billy Donovan

2 on 1

Defender X1 is between the foul line and the top of circle. He makes a hard bounce pass to 2 or 3 (block level) then defends a two-on-one attack.

Offensively, 2 and 3 always want to get off a shot, no turnovers. They space 1.5 to 2 feet outside lane width, they can pass back and forth if side by side. Never throw the ball back, if ballhandler 2 is ahead then it's one on one, use attacker 3 as an offensive rebounder. If defender X1 declares to stopping the ball, getting his body in front of 2, then 2 will make a two-hand bounce pass (defenders play with arms up), 3 stays above the block going to the basket and uses the rim to prevent a shot block.

Defensively, X1 passes, sprints to halfcourt, turns around to locate the ball. He should not retreat all the way to the basket, but fake and stunt to create indecision and cause a pass.

2 on 2 trailer

Trail defender X2 starts on the baseline. X2, 2 and 3 cannot move until an attacker catches the bounce pass from X1.

Novi Sad advantage-disadvantage (That's a Foul, April 2008) - 2 and 3 are at the elbows, X1 is at the 3-point line, X2 is under the basket, the offence can't dribble, go up and back.

3 on 3 trailers

Go down and back, no inbounds pass on a make.

If the pass is to 2 he centres it (to 3) and goes wide, if the pass is to 3 he will take the ball, 2 and 4 fly up the sidelines.

There should be constant ball movement on a fast break, immediately pass or drive the basket, don't dribble to reverse the ball.

On a 3 on 2, the wings run as wide as they can to the baseline then come back out, unless the ball is advanced to them, or a big can loop into the post or under the backboard. 1 advances the ball (passes ahead) if he can, then moves ballside for reversal.

Defensively, the low defender takes the first pass, except if the ball is advanced early by the point guard and the top defender can get to the ball (keep the big low defender at home).

Entry variation, Novi Sad advantage-disadvantage.
See Serbia.

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