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Huggins 5 on 4

Bob Huggins

5 on 4, pick up halfcourt. 10 possessions for each team, losers run suicides for the point difference. If defenders give up an offensive rebound, a subsequent stop doesn't count, and they sprint.

a) Post attacker O5 can move to either block or the high post. O1 cannot make the first pass to O5, after that any attacker can pass to O5.

Don't bounce pass into the post, it takes longer to get there.

b) Point guard O1 cannot shoot unless he is in the paint, no other restrictions.
Before the three-point shot, help and recover used to be to the line of the ball, now it's in line between your man and ball, so he can't get a direct pass standing still. Make him move away or towards the basket (and help) for a pass.
Lute Olson - 5 on 4 scramble - one defender attacks the ball, the other three must have at least one foot in the lane. Attackers can do whatever they want. Defenders get out on 3 stops in a row, an offensive rebound counts as a made basket. Variation - defence starts with 3 points, loses a point for each stop, must get to zero, but gains a point for an offensive rebound and a point for a score. Maximum score is +3. This is how they start a box and one. Watch that bigs cover the perimeter.
Quin Snyder - 5 on 4 recognition - offence is 4-out 1-in, three possessions, live on a pass from coach, defenders start in a diamond, always have a man on the ball (but not two guys), protect the hole, no layups, no uncontested jump shots. Also do 4 on 3.
Ray Lokar - 5 on 4 - the 4-player team plays man-to-man defence, the 5-player team plays zone defence (no double-teams), play to 5 points.
See Transition - Florida 5 on 4, Scrimmage - 5 on 4 zone, 4 on 3.

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