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4 teams (or more) of three players, come in on defence.

Team O attacks 3 on 2 against team X. Two players on team 4 wait behind the end line, one member of team 4 is on the sideline at midcourt. When the ball crosses centre delay defender X3 runs into the centre circle before defending. Two defenders from team 3 wait to defend the next attack.

With 5 teams, two players on team 5 would wait behind the other baseline, with the third player on a sideline.

Variation - teams of 4 players with 1 or 2 delay defenders.

See Transition - Florida 4-44, Scrimmage - 4 teams.

If team O scores, it attacks the other way against team 3, whose delay defender comes in when the ball crosses centre. Two players on team X go behind the end line and are replaced by team 4, the other player on team X goes to midcourt. Team 4 defends the next attack.

If team X stops team O, team X attacks team 3, team O goes off, and team 4 comes in (team 4 always comes on the court, on defence).


- if the attacking team is fouled it attacks the other way
- the two defenders coming on to defend the next attack (here on team 4) must first touch the centre circle.

Pressing option

Any time a team scores it must inbounds the ball. After a stop or score, the team without the ball can press in the frontcourt to get the ball and score on that basket. A delay defender comes in if the ball is advanced past the halfcourt line.


- if team O scores, it presses team X to win the ball back in the front court (NBA Coaches Playbook, 4 on 4 on 4)
- team O presses on a score or stop (American Basketball Quarterly, 2005Q1)
- a team that presses and wins the ball attacks the other basket.

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