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Eastman quick release

Kevin Eastman

Quick-release jump shots

Off the dribble

A right-handed players starts with his left hand behind his back and right foot behind. He catches the pass with his right hand, makes one pound dribble and steps into the shot with his right foot. The last dribble should be the hardest to get into your shot.

See Ganon Baker one-hand catches.

Spot up - 2-second shooting off a catch. Be ready on the catch, play low to high, if you play high to low to high it's contested. A cutter coming off a screen should have his shoulders below the screener's shoulders, loaded for the shot. Eastman demonstrates waiting for a spot-up shot on ball reversal, his body is low, 10 fingers to the ceiling, the pivot foot is already planted, the other foot is open to the ball and pivots into the shot.

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