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Altizer 3-step explosion

Damin Altizer

Attacking a defender, explode with three steps out of triple threat or a live dribble, beat him with your outside foot on the first step, protect with the inside hand, dribble and explode 2-3 back to squared up.

Go five times on each side to the rim, repeat with jump shots (shown).

Start on the left from triple-threat, attack R-L-R with one dribble back to square, don't pick up the dribble, touch the middle cone with the inside (left) hand, attack R-L-R out of a live dribble and shoot, six steps total (or go to the rim).

Shooting footwork off the dribble or a catch is inside foot, outside foot.

- use three-step crossover footwork to protect the ball and avoid a travel, attack L-R-L going right from triple threat, L-R-L from a live dribble
- permanent pivot foot.
Push-up to explode - do a push-up with both hands on a ball, explode up, beat with the outside foot, square up 2-3 into a shot, make 5 going each direction.

Rebound and attack the other way coming back out, L-R-L from triple threat, touch the cone, L-R-L from a live dribble.

Repeat attacking the basket, L-R-L from triple threat, touch the cone, L-R-L from a live dribble, shoot.

See Shooting - Steve Alford, Footwork - Ganon Baker jump stop series.

Progression - from a live dribble start with a between-the-legs (or crossover) dribble on the first step, two steps back to square, stop and touch the middle cone with a live dribble, go between the legs or crossover, two more steps.
See Dribbling - Altizer moves-counters.up

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