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Two teams, first to make

- 15 layups from outside the arc (option - one dribble), or from halfcourt
- 10 jump shots from the elbow
- 5 three-pointers
- 1 shot from halfcourt.

Option - if one team finishes first, give the other team a chance to tie if it is at the halfcourt distance.

- add 10 one-dribble pull-ups
- shoot off a pass (see 2-line make 7).
Bob Hurley - 30 and a half - one ball per team, first team to make 10 shots from the block, 10 from the elbow, 10 three's, and one shot from halfcourt.
Mega Hoops - 4-3-2-1 shooting - make 4 lay-ups, 3 shots from the first hash-mark, 2 shots from the second hash-mark and 1 shot from the free throw line. first team sitting with their hands on their heads is the winner.
Chris Tessier - 7-7-7-7 - start on the right side, make 7 layups, 7 shots from the elbow, short corner then corner, repeat on the left side, finish with 7 3-point makes from the top of the key.

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