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Quick hitters
Four down

Hoop Tactics

To call the play, the ballhandler raises his hand and points all four fingers down. The basic option is 1 on 1, the ballhandler kicks or dishes if a defender helps on dribble penetration. 2 and 3 can pop out of the corners to relieve pressure on 1.

Lute Olson - 1-4 low - Thumbs down, take advantage of a poor defender or one in foul trouble. As 1 drives, 2 and 3 come up foul-line extended to spread the defence.

Larry Brown - run "butter" with 7 seconds or less, a big with the ball would dribble hand-off or pass and ballscreen, they would go 1-4 flat if Iverson had it (the bigs would sometimes screen across), or run a sidescreen or midscreen with someone else.
Lionel Hollins - if 1 penetrates on the right side of the lane, 4 clears to the other low post, 5 ducks into the lane behind 1.

Ballscreen option

4 or 5 step out to ballscreen for 1.

Option - 4 screens for 5 who ballscreens for 1, or vice versa (see Fist).

Variation - 4 runs up to set a high, flat ballscreen (butt to the baseline), 5 relocates opposite the ballhandler.

See Offence - Arizona 1-4, Florida pick and roll, Tactics - Using ballscreens (Van Gundy), Ballscreens (Krueger).

Triple base screen option

See Offence - Houston Comets.

Double screen for 3.

Jerry Petitgoue - 3-point Desperation - the best option is 3 on a misdirection dribble, option one (the triple screen) is actually a decoy for the double screen on the other side.

Jerry Petitgoue - Open - the bigs start in the corners and screen in for the wings to pop to the corners.

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