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Press breaks
Versoix specials

These are specials out of the Versoix press break. 5 is facing the baseline, in a position to turn and screen for 1, 4 starts on the left side (see Bill Self).

1) Flyer

4 calls the number of an attacker who breaks long. Optionally start with 2 and 3 back at the foul-line extended for a 1-4 set, and/or have 4 on the right side.

Hofstra - from a 1-4 set with a defender on the inbounder and the other four players face-guarded, 4 calls a player's number, all players take one or two hard steps towards the ball, then the player whose number was called sprints upcourt for a baseball pass.

a) Flyer 1

3 and 2 break back, as 4 crosses the far lane line, 5 drop steps to screen for 1, who takes one or two steps towards the ball then breaks long.

Rick Majerus Flyer 11 - the defence is face fronting, 1 takes one step towards the ball then goes deep, all other players come up to the ball. Also Flyer 22 and 33.

b) Flyer 2

When 4 runs the baseline, 2 takes two steps towards the ball, makes a crossover step and goes long.

Bill Self.- when 4 runs the baseline and 2 is denied, on a signal (e.g., eye contact) 2 can take two steps towards the ball (right-left), then make a crossover step and go long (a v-cut).

Billy Donovan - from a 1-4 set, 4 inbounds on the right, 2 breaks back then goes long.

c) Flyer 3

Bill Self - this can be done by 3 if he is denied but usually happens with 2

d) Flyer 5

2 comes up hard and stays, 5 acts like he is going to screen then 1 screens for 5 to go long.

See Bill Self special 2, LSU one down, Falcon Atom.

Billy Donovan - 1-4 set, 5 screens across for 1 then breaks long.

Old Dominion Line - if the press brings up five players, it's an automatic, the screener will go long.

2) Five down

The inbounds passer is pressured.

3 comes up, 4 runs the baseline, 2 comes up, 1 runs behind the baseline for a pass, 5 screens for 4 to go long.

See LSU Five down.


- 2 and 3 sprint all the way to the baseline, see Jamie Angeli man on the ball
- start from a 4-across set.

1 inbounds to 5 (or 3) and cuts for a return pass.

Variation - 1 just steps inbounds for a back pass.

3) Screen and break back

Defenders are face-guarding.

3 stays, 4 runs the baseline, 2 stays, 5 screens for 1, both players break back wide to the baseline.

2 comes back to the middle, 1 cuts up the sideline on an inbounds pass to 2.

1 goes long if 2 is denied in the middle.

Option - 1 can break to the left corner, then 3 would cut to the middle.

See Press breaks - Old Dominion regular, also Lakers, Canada and Falcon.

Hofstra - 1 and 5 walk their men to the baseline, reverse pivot and seal for an inbounds pass over the top. If 4 can't pass to 1 or 5, 3 cuts hard to the top of the key for a pass.

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