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Press breaks

Lee Rose

Against fullcourt man pressure. 4 breaks right or left (away from pressure) and sprints to midcourt, 2 breaks opposite 4, 1 breaks opposite 2.
Don Meyer - line - 2 and 4 go first, to the same side of the floor, 1 goes opposite to the other side, if denied, 5 sprints up for a catch and looks to go "Iowa State", passing to 1 heading upcourt to attack.

Then 5 breaks towards the ball.

3 is looking for the bomb, but usually X5 is guarding that, which allows 5 to get open.

(1 and 2 run wide on an inbounds pass to 5, who can throw back to 3)

Canada Basketball Technical Manual - on a pass to 5, 1 and 2 go hard up the wings and 3 trails, 5's options are middle to 4, sideline to 1 or 2 (or take on and dribble middle). For a fast press-break, go over top of the pressure, 4 cuts back for a second vertical pass; for a controlled press-break, 1 goes hard then cuts back for a hand-off from 5, who then runs wide.

Bill Self - if 5 (the worst ballhandler) passes to 3 he is out of the play (5 goes long, 1 and 2 come back to the ball).

See Press breaks - Xavier (2-up), Bill Self 1-3-1.

The line is also effective on the backcourt sideline.

See Inbounds - sideline Frankston stack (the same play), also Line.

Brendan Malone - 1-2-4-5 form a line across the court (not a stack), 3 calls the name of one player, who fakes toward the baseline then goes long upcourt for a pass.

See Inbounds - sideline Kuchar line-in.

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