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Press breaks
Giorgis vs man pressure

Brian Giorgis

Beating fullcourt man pressure, the most important question is whether there is a defender on the inbounder, or a floater who has his back to the inbounder, or is back as a safety. If X4 is up, 4 is looking long.

If you get the ball to a guard, clear it (clear out), but if a defender leaves you to go back to trap, you go back to get the ball.

They run the same plays against sideline pressure, e.g. Pairs with 5 and 1.

Why can't you run your baseline out-of-bounds play that you would run underneath the scoring end.

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a) Pairs

Automatic, 1 sees that he and 5 are being guarded, yells "pairs", he and 5 are working together, so are 2 and 3.

1 goes back, 5 turns and screens for 1, who can go either side, 5 shapes up opposite.

3 (the fastest player) comes hard toward the baseline then goes long using 2, who then shapes up.

If a long pass is over-thrown, you must touch it before it goes out of bounds so it doesn't come back.

b) 15

Coach calls a number, if your number is not called you come hard to the ball then go long.

On "15", 5 screens for 1, 2 and 3 go long.

If 5 gets an inbounds pass on the sideline, 1 would slash.

c) 125

The one they use the most. 3 goes long, 1 and 2 take a few steps back then scissors off 5 (1 has first cut), 5 shapes up.

d) Florida

1-4 set right up to the baseline, can do Florida 125, 123, 15.

On "15", 2 and 3 go long, 1 goes out past the foul line, 5 stops short then they do 15.

1 can go long to space if overplayed and face-guarded.

e) Loop

His favourite. 1 goes over, 3 goes under, 2 works with 1, 5 works with 3, who hopes his defender is trailing then goes long (shown).

2 and 5 shape up.

f) Three

Only if 4 can run the baseline. Usually out of Florida.

4 passes to 2 behind the baseline, 3 goes long, 5 screens for 1 to come across, 4 steps in then screens for 5.

You hope a defender reaches across the line for a technical foul.

Giorgis has never seen two passes behind the baseline, but 2 could pass it back to 4 out of Florida.

g) Double screen

A guard inbounds, 1 comes up then goes long if X1 is even with or ahead of him, 5 and 4 double-screen for 2.

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