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Post play
Weakside 1 on 1

Low-post attacker 5 is weakside, defended by X5, go 1 on 1 live on a pass to 5.
Option - the ball starts on the right wing (5 is ballside) and is skipped to the left wing.


a) 5 flashes to the ball or v-cuts looking for a pass.

Jeff Bauer - weakside post play is a great time to screen, v-cut, or wait for a skip pass. Although a flash to the ball at the high post is basic, this should be the least-used option on the weakside - don't chase the ball (unless the big is dominant). Use v-cutting to seal a defender, not to run to the opposite lane line. If the defender is lower, jog him one step lower, change speed and direction 90 degrees to get your top foot just past the defender, push off the top foot and swing the bottom leg over top and in front, sit on the defender's legs, and keep the defender sealed using six-inch slide steps in a half-moon shape. If the defender is level or higher, take him higher then cut 90 degrees to seal him from the baseline side.

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b) Coach skip passes to the right wing (variation - coach can shoot, both players rebound).

Bauer - anytime the ball is on or moving to his side of the floor, the big should step into his defender and seal him in the paint (leg whip or pin and spin). If fronted, the big can set up for a lob, shoulders parallel to and facing the baseline. Waiting for a skip pass allows the big to get a post feed off quick ball reversal, stepping into the defender deep in the paint as the pass is in the air. If a shot is taken from the other side of the floor, explode into the defender to trap him under the rim. Most rebounds come out weakside on the same angle as the shot at about half the distance.
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