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Oakland choice

Greg Kampe

60-70% of the time Oakland runs dribble-drive, Choice and Triangle are their other two series, plus 20-100 set plays. Unlike dribble-drive, Choice packs the floor and tries to jam it down the defence's throat. They are trying to get a high-low and score at the basket, not a 3-point shot.

There is a side of one and a side of two, like a wishbone (a single-double set). 2 can go off either side. If 2 comes off 5 (shown), 3 turns and comes off the other side. They want 2 to pop outside the 3-point line and 3 to curl.

4 slips if X4 jumps to 3, otherwise he holds the screen.

(In the video, if 2 uses 3 and 4, 3 clears opposite)

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On a pass to 3 curling, look for 5 ducking in or a pocket pass to 4.

If there is no pass on the curl, 3 bounces out to the wing, on a pass to 3, 4 posts and 5 comes high.

If 1 passes to 2, 5 posts and 4 comes high.

If there's nothing out of the high-low, go to ballscreen.

See Quick hitters - Duke actions.

They have 10 quick-hitters out of choice, e.g. 3 and 5 screen for 4.up

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