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Furthest basket


Players start in the centre circle, each with a ball. On the signal each player dribbles to a basket, takes one shot, dribbles to any of the 3 baskets in the other half, and shoots once. Players then dribble back to the half where they started but can't shoot at the same basket at that end twice in a row. Continue dribbling end to end and shooting once at each basket. Here a pattern is shown for player 8.

How many baskets can each player make in 1 minute? Squats, push-ups etc. for those who come last.

Option - all dribbling and/or shots with non-dominant hand.
Fabian McKenzie - Farthest basket - 6 players are rebounders, one at each basket, the other 6 players have a ball, on a whistle they dribble, shoot at a basket, turn and sprint to a basket in the other half, get a pass for a shot, continue for 1-2 minutes.

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