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85 in 2


Four balls. 1 and 2 pass to coaches, cut for return passes, dribble fullcourt for layups. 3 and 4 go when 1 and 2 get return passes. The next players take the balls out of the baskets and go. Make 85 layups in two minutes.


- coaches are at outlet spots
- replaces coaches with players, rotate players
- go one minute in one direction, then go the other direction when coach yells "change".

See Layups - Carolina, Dematha speed.

Larry Shyatt - make 44 layups in one minute (or 85 in 2 minutes as punishment), the clock starts on the first one, don't run wide, use 2 or at most 3 dribbles.

Bill Self - make 80 layups in two minutes (can go up to four minutes), coaches toss the balls upcourt so that players catch after the first bounce and finish with one dribble or none.

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